Audible Alternatives: Top Free and Subscription-based Audiobook Rentals

Exploring Audible alternatives has become a hot topic for audiobook enthusiasts like you who are eager to discover new ways to indulge in their love of literature. While Audible might be the go-to, it’s not the only player in the game. In this text, you’ll jump into the diverse world of audiobook services that cater to different preferences and budgets.

You’ll learn about the plethora of free alternatives that offer vast collections without dipping into your wallet. For those who prefer a more traditional approach, subscription-based alternatives provide a structured listening experience. And if you’re all about flexibility, audiobook rental services might be your cup of tea. Buckle up for an insightful journey through the best Audible alternatives that’ll transform your listening habits.

Various Audible Alternatives

If you’re on the hunt for alternatives to Audible, your journey just got easier. Whether you’re seeking a free audiobooks app or a cheaper audiobook option, there’s a rich variety of choices available.

Downpour offers a unique twist on the audiobook experience. With the perk of DRM-free MP3 downloads, you can build a library that’s truly yours. Whether you buy or rent, you’ll find that their selections are easier on the wallet.

Scribd stands out as a strong alternative to Audible. For just $11.99 a month, you can jump into an ocean of books and audiobooks. This audible competitor acts like a digital library, granting you listening access for as long as your subscription is active.

For those on the lookout for free audiobook apps, Free Audiobook Codes introduces a novel approach. You get the chance to snag an audiobook at no cost by engaging with authors through reviews.

Chirp Audiobooks could be the best free audiobook app for budget-conscious bookworms. Their platform hooks you up with steeply discounted audiobooks without tying you down to a monthly fee. Once purchased, they’re yours to enjoy forever.

Aggregating every audiobook app into one list might be a tall order, but here’s the lowdown: audiobook apps like Chirp and Scribd inspire listening habits without being very costly. As a bonus, many apps like Audible offer deals and free audiobook apps without subscriptions, enhancing the accessibility for avid listeners and those new to the audiobook world. When you’re ready to shift from traditional reading to the convenience of audiobooks, these platforms present a compelling case. They’re designed to offer more than just audiobooks; they provide an experience that’s arguably better than Audible.

Free Alternatives


If you’re after a free audiobook app that prioritizes classics, Librivox is your ticket to literary treasures. As a notable alternative to Audible, Librivox offers an expansive library boasting over 50,000 public-domain audiobooks. This best free audiobook app is fueled by the passion of countless volunteers who read, record, and release these audiobooks. Hear the voices of dedicated book lovers and bring to life tales penned well over a century ago. While the app may not have the newest bestsellers, it’s an unbeatable resource for timeless stories.

Don’t worry about costs or subscriptions. Librivox provides free audiobooks without a subscription, eliminating financial barriers. Whether you’re using an iOS or Android device, the Librivox app integrates seamlessly, making it one of the best free audiobook apps for Android and the best free audiobook app for iPhone.

With daily updates and a focus on the classics, this platform serves as a perfect audible competitor. You’re free to jump into the world of literature where audiobooks, not Audible, are celebrated and shared. It’s an experience that might make you consider Librivox not just as a stopgap but as a better-than-audible destination for the works of yesteryear.

Project Gutenberg

Escaping the clutches of expensive subscriptions becomes a reality with Project Gutenberg. This digital sanctuary not only dishes out free ebooks but also serves as a remarkable audiobook app free of charge. Launched by visionary Michael Hart, Project Gutenberg is the place where the concept of free electronic books was born. Today, it stands tall as an impressive audiobook alternative to Audible, especially for those who wish to indulge in classics.

Here, audiobook app users can explore a large collection of both readable and listenable treasures. The user-friendly interface makes navigation a breeze, ensuring you spend more time listening and less time searching. Audiobook reading apps don’t get much more straightforward or fulfilling than this.

For audiobook aficionados looking for the cheapest audiobook app, Project Gutenberg presents a romantic scenario. You can download titles for offline listening, tweak playback speed, and switch between devices with ease. It’s a haven for audiobook app enthusiasts seeking free audiobook apps that don’t demand continuous investment.

Project Gutenberg reinforces the idea that literary classics should be accessible to all, earning its spot among the top free audiobook apps. Its enduring legacy and commitment to free access positions it as one of the most compelling apps like Audible but free, reinforcing the value and convenience of audiobooks for readers everywhere.

Subscription-based Alternatives


Expanding your audiobook library just got easier with Scribd. As a cost-effective alternative to Audible, Scribd offers a bountiful selection of audio titles for a flat monthly fee and is well-positioned as the cheapest audiobook app. For just $9.99 a month after a 30-day free trial, indulge in unlimited access to not only audiobooks but ebooks, magazines, and more.

Customize your listening experience with adjustable playback speed and a sleep timer, ensuring each book is savored on your terms. Scribd stands out as the best free audiobook app contender with the initial trial, bringing exceptional value without immediately dipping into your wallet. If you’re on the hunt for a free audiobook app that transitions to a paid service with an impressive catalog, Scribd might be your match.

Kobo Plus

Audiobook enthusiasts who revel in extensive libraries and seamless transitions between reading and listening should consider Kobo Plus. With two subscription plans tailored to your preferences—one for audiobooks and one combining audiobooks with ebooks—Kobo Plus ensures you’re covered. Jump into over 150,000 audiobooks and 1.5 million ebooks starting at $9.99 per month, aligning itself as an audible alternative favoring flexibility.

One credit per month allows you to choose from any audiobook, while the Kobo Plus subscription offers unlimited access to a vast array of titles. Use its user-friendly features like a sleep timer or family sharing for up to 4 members, making it a strong contender for the Best Audiobook App 2022 accolades. With integration into Kobo’s e-reader devices, you’ve got an all-in-one platform, creating an enchanting harmony for avid readers and listeners looking for apps like Audible but with additional perks. Kobo Plus presents a robust audiobook, not audible, solution that could sway you to make a switch for a richer literary experience.

Audiobook Rental Services

Exploring the world of audiobooks, you might be curious about rental services that serve as alternatives to Audible. Unlike purchasing titles outright, rental services can offer more flexibility and often at a reduced cost. Two standout platforms in this sector are BookLender and Whether you’re on the hunt for the cheapest audiobook app or the best app for free audiobooks, these platforms may have just what you need.


BookLender is akin to an online library for audiobook aficionados. This service, established as one of the early alternatives to Audible, operates on a straightforward rental model. Imagine having access to a vast selection of audiobooks without the commitment of purchase—you’ll find that here. Once you select your titles, they are shipped directly to you. After enjoying your listen, return the audiobooks with the provided prepaid shipping materials. The offering scales from individual rental options to subscription plans, ensuring there’s a plan to fit every budget and listening habit.

The key benefits of BookLender include:

  • Cost-effective plans, reflecting its position as a cheaper Audible option
  • The flexibility of rental periods
  • A diverse range of titles to cater to all tastes, from bestsellers to niche genres

On the digital spectrum, stands as a powerful alternative to Audible, offering an audiobook app free from overwhelming costs with a focus on flexibility. With a catalog boasting over 425,000 premium titles, audiobook enthusiasts can revel in a world of stories and knowledge with ease. As one of the best audiobook apps of recent times, new users are greeted with a generous trial offering three complementary audiobooks.

Diving into specifics, provides features that give you control over your listening experience, including:

  • Unlimited access to their extensive library with an affordable monthly fee, positioning it as the best free audiobook app for users looking to explore before they commit
  • Unique Audiobook Clubs allow for 30 days of unlimited listening to a plethora of titles across various genres
  • A user-friendly interface that makes it a leading cheap audiobook app, ensuring you spend more time enjoying your books and less time navigating the platform

For anyone looking to explore alternatives to Audible or searching for the best app for audiobooks free from excessive fees, BookLender and are two platforms you won’t want to overlook. They each bring a distinctive approach to the audiobook rental market, providing options for every type of reader, whether you’re an avid consumer or just stepping into the world of audiobooks.


Exploring alternatives to Audible opens up a world of possibilities for your audiobook experience. With services like BookLender and, you’re no longer tied to one platform. You’ve got the flexibility to choose a rental model or enjoy unlimited access with a simple monthly fee. Jump into their vast libraries and discover new favorites that cater to your unique taste. Happy listening!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Audible’s biggest competitor?

Audible’s most significant competitors include companies like Podimo and Sesamy, which specialize in a diverse collection of audio content, including podcasts and audiobooks, often partnering with local talent for unique offerings.

Is there a free Audible alternative?

Yes, Libby is a free alternative where you can borrow audiobooks from your local library’s digital collection. It is an excellent free option for audiobook enthusiasts.

How can I listen to audiobooks without Audible?

Alternatives to Audible for listening to audiobooks include, Chirp, services from your local library, LibriVox for public domain books, and purchasing directly through Apple or Google Play Audiobooks and subscription-based Scribd.

Which is better: Audible or Chirp?

Choosing between Audible and Chirp depends on your preferences: Chirp offers deals without a subscription, while Audible has a vast library and a subscription model. Consider library availability, subscription costs, and personal listening habits when deciding.

Can I buy an audiobook?

Yes, you can purchase audiobooks à la carte from Audible, through Amazon, or via the Audible app using a credit card or an Audible coupon without needing a membership subscription.

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