Blinkist vs Headway: Decoding the Best Summary App; What is Blinkist & Headway?

Deciding between Blinkist vs Headway can be a game-changer in how you consume knowledge from books. With both platforms offering concise summaries of non-fiction titles, you’re probably wondering which one gives you the best bang for your buck.

In this text, you’ll get the lowdown on what Blinkist is and how it can transform your reading habits. You’ll also discover what sets Headway apart in the crowded space of book summary apps. Finally, we’ll jump into a head-to-head comparison to help you decide which app suits your learning style and needs.

What is Blinkist?


Imagine having the insights from the world’s best non-fiction books distilled into just 15 minutes of your time. Blinkist offers this innovative solution. Curated content from over 4,500 titles across genres like business, productivity, and psychology is made accessible in focused summaries. You absorb the key ideas and takeaways quickly, aligning perfectly with your bustling lifestyle. Whether you’re on the move or squeezing in a quick learning session, Blinkist is your go-to for a knowledge boost.


With Blinkist, it’s not just about the number of summaries but the quality, too. High-quality summaries ensure complex ideas are simplified. Here’s what sets Blinkist apart:

  • Audio Summaries: Choose between reading or listening to cater to your learning preference.
  • Highlighting Function: Important ideas can be highlighted for later review.
  • Varied Learning Materials: Besides summaries, there are author podcasts and full-length audiobooks available for a deeper dive.

These features are tailored to improve your retention and make learning a habit. You’re not just reading but actively engaging with the material, which can enhance your memory retention substantially.


When considering Blinkist vs Headway in terms of cost, clarity is key. The Blinkist app subscription is competitively priced, especially when you’re eyeing long-term use. Here’s Blinkist Pricing at a glance:

| Monthly Subscription | Yearly Subscription |
| — | — |
| $15.99/month | $99.99/year |

Opting for the annual plan offers significant savings, incentivizing longer commitments. Though there isn’t an option labeled as ‘Headway free trial’ or ‘Blinkist free trial,’ Blinkist does offer a 7-day trial, which allows full access to all features, enabling a well-informed choice on whether the service matches your lifestyle and needs.

Keep in mind, though, prices can fluctuate, so it’s smart to check the latest offers directly on the app. Blinkist presents a compelling choice for those prioritizing a blend of quality, efficiency, and Pricing in their self-education tools, especially for users dedicated to long-term learning. Now, integrate these insights into your comparison of Blinkist vs Headway, and select the app that aligns with your personal and professional growth goals.

What is Headway?

When considering Blinkist vs Headway, you’ll find Headway has carved out its niche in the bustling world of book summary apps. Let’s investigate what the Headway app is all about.


Headway presents itself as your go-to companion for personal growth and knowledge accumulation. It offers a myriad of non-fiction book summaries that condense the essence of each book into approximately 15 minutes of reading time. Over 10 million users have installed the Headway app, and it’s been featured globally as an app of the day. So, if you’ve ever found yourself comparing Headway vs Blinkist, it’s essential to consider the unique proposition that Headway brings to the table.


Headway’s features are aimed at enhancing your learning experience. They include:

  • Audio lessons: Taught by experts and professionals
  • Reading progress tracking: Keeps tabs on your learning journey
  • Daily updates: Ensures you stay informed and continually learn

The app is tailored for different learning preferences, offering customization to align with your personal and professional objectives. Whether it’s about getting a quick jump into a book you’re curious about or ensuring you’re absorbing expert knowledge efficiently, here’s where Headway stands out in the Headway App vs Blinkist debate.


With Headway, you’re looking at both free and subscription-based models. The Headway App cost is structured to accommodate various users’ needs and budgets. If you’re wondering, “Is Headway worth it?” it’s worth noting that you can test the waters with a Headway free trial to see if it fits into your lifestyle before committing financially.

| Pricing Option | Access Level |
| — | — |
| Free Trial | Limited Access |
| Monthly Subscription | Full Access |
| Annual Subscription | Full Access |

Headway pricing can vary, and often, deals are available which may reduce the cost of the Headway app. Always check the latest prices and offers to ensure you get value for your investment in your personal development journey. With the growing question of how much does Headway cost within reading communities, rest assured that the app’s Pricing remains competitive to ensure it’s an affordable learning tool on your journey of self-improvement.

Blinkist vs Headway

Content Quality

When you’re deciding between Blinkist vs Headway, content quality is a significant factor. The quality of book summaries on both platforms is high, yet different approaches are taken. Blinkist boasts over 6500 titles encompassing various genres, while Headway, with around 1500 titles, specializes in self-help and professional development.

Blinkist is known for its comprehensive summaries that capture the core principles and insights from each book. The essence of the content is distilled, providing you with an accurate representation of the original material. With Blinkist, the focus is not just on the quantity of titles but also on maintaining the integrity of the author’s message in each summary.

Headway, on the other hand, offers depth in its summaries. They are designed to echo the book’s content with clarity and precision, ensuring that you’re getting more than just surface-level information. While Headway app reviews often highlight a smaller collection, many users find the app’s content quality rich with in-depth analysis and actionable insights.

User Interface

The user interface of Blinkist shines with its simplicity and ease of use. It’s streamlined to ensure that you effortlessly find what you’re looking for with minimal taps. If you appreciate a clear-cut design and straightforward functionality, Blinkist’s interface can be a primary reason to choose this app over Headway.

Headway’s interface, by contrast, is more nuanced and interactive. It aims to make your learning experience engaging, incorporating elements like achievements and challenges that may appeal to users seeking a gamified approach. If you prefer an app that delivers educational content in an entertaining format, Headway’s design will likely resonate with you.

Learning Experience

Both Blinkist and Headway enhance your learning experience by allowing you to digest book summaries quickly. But each does it differently. Blinkist supports your ever-busy life by giving you access to a broad library where you can learn something new every day, regardless of your tight schedule.

If you’re considering Headway vs Blinkist, Reddit discussions show users enjoying the unique features Headway offers, like daily personalized recommendations and reading progress tracking. These tools keep you motivated and invested in your learning journey. For those thinking, “Is Headway worth it?” these features might tip the scale.

Blinkist, with its intuitive layout and a vast selection of content, including non-fiction and fiction titles, means there’s always something new to learn. Meanwhile, with its strategic focus on actionable insights, Headway ensures that the time you invest in reading summaries translates into real personal growth.

When choosing between Blinkist or Headway, consider what matters most to you in your learning journey. Is it the diversity and volume of content or the engaging, in-depth insights into each subject? Your preference will be the deciding factor in which app enhances your love for learning the most.


Choosing between Blinkist and Headway boils down to your personal learning goals and preferences. If a vast library and summaries are what you’re after, Blinkist’s extensive collection is unbeatable. But if you’re keen on diving into self-improvement with interactive features, Headway’s tailored approach might be the ticket.

Both platforms offer a unique take on condensing knowledge, so weigh your options and pick the one that aligns best with your quest for wisdom. Remember, it’s not just about the quantity of books you consume but the quality of insights you gain. Happy reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an app that rivals Blinkist in providing book summaries?

Yes, Speechify Audiobooks is a strong alternative to Blinkist, offering summarized learning experiences that may exceed Blinkist in certain respects.

How can I cancel my Blinkist subscription?

Cancelling Blinkist is straightforward. You can do so through your Apple/iTunes or Google Play settings by managing your subscription preferences there.

Can I access full books using Headway?

No, Headway does not provide full books but offers detailed summaries. You can explore these summaries to decide whether you want to read the entire book.

Is the Headway app a good investment?

Yes, if you’re looking to quickly gain insights from books, Headway, with its affordable Pricing, especially with deals like AppSumo’s $39 offer, is considered very worthwhile.

How do authors feel about Blinkist?

Authors appreciate Blinkist, seeing it as valuable to both their readers and themselves. Blinkist helps authors reach an audience eager to learn and grow.

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