Goodreads Alternatives: Top Picks & Features to Consider

Exploring Goodreads alternatives has become a hot topic for avid readers like you. With over 90 million users, Goodreads is the go-to platform for book enthusiasts. But what if you’re craving a different experience or new features? In this guide, we’ll jump into why you might be on the lookout for a Goodreads substitute, spotlight the top platforms that book lovers are flocking to, and discuss the essential features that make a book cataloging service stand out. Whether you’re looking to connect with fellow readers or find your next page-turner, we’ve got you covered.

Why Look for Goodreads Alternatives

Lack of Customization Options

If you’re seeking a book tracking app that mirrors your reading habits and preferences, Goodreads might fall short. Customization is vital for a personalized experience, yet Goodreads offers limited options to tailor its interface and features to your tastes. You might find the inability to organize your bookshelves beyond basic categories or the lack of aesthetic choices frustrating. Exploring alternatives to Goodreads can offer you a more bespoke book tracking experience. With the best book tracking apps, your reading tracker becomes an extension of your unique reading journey, not just a carbon copy of every other user’s experience.

Privacy Concerns

Privacy is a significant concern in the digital age, and book reading trackers are no exception. Given that Goodreads is part of a large corporation, you’re right to wonder about how your data is used and shared. If you prefer an app to track books read that offers more privacy-friendly options, looking at Goodreads alternatives is a sensible move. Apps to keep track of books read, like the ones we’re discussing, often prioritize user privacy, ensuring that your reading habits and data aren’t commodities for third-party advertisers or parent companies with sprawling commercial interests.

Annoying Ads and Promotions

Another compelling reason to search for an app to keep track of books is to avoid the bombardment of ads and unwanted promotions. Goodreads, although an effective tool for discovering and cataloging titles, includes marketing tactics that can distract from your reading goals. If you’re tired of sifting through ads instead of updates on new releases or community reviews, alternative book tracker apps present a clutter-free environment. With the best free book tracking app or even a premium version, your focus remains on the books rather than navigating through promotions and advertisements.

Top Goodreads Alternatives


When you’re on the hunt for a book tracking app that’s a great alternative to Goodreads, look no further than LibraryThing. With an impressive cataloging system, LibraryThing allows you to track books with ease. Tag books based on subjects you define and sync them with massive libraries like the Library of Congress or Amazon. Share reviews and connect with an international community of readers.

LibraryThing stands out for its unique features, like the ability to lend books and access to early releases. It’s worth noting that LibraryThing boasts approximately 3 million users, so you know you’re joining a robust community of bibliophiles. Plus, it’s a free book tracking app, so there’s no expense to you for organizing your precious collection.


If you’re drawn to a more personal blogging experience, BookLikes might be your perfect reading tracker. This platform merges the world of book logging with the engagement of a social network. Track books you’ve read, plan to read, or are currently enjoying, and shelve them with custom tags. The social aspect of BookLikes allows you to connect with others by sharing reviews and discovering new reads. For those who like to express themselves, this Goodreads alternative offers a canvas to discuss books in depth and connect with the book community. Flexibility is key: there’s no cap on the number of books or reviews you can add, making it an expansive book tracker.


Fancy a book reading tracker that’s as social as Instagram but focused on books? Litsy pitches itself as a community where you can track books read while engaging with fellow readers. Snap a photo, write a blurb, and share with a community that’s passionate about books. Litsy is all about social interaction – think quote sharing, book discussions, and hashtag challenges. This app might be the best book tracking app for those looking to combine reading goals with social connectivity. Litsy promotes active engagement with books in a way that’s user-friendly and communal.

The StoryGraph

The StoryGraph is a rising star among apps like Goodreads. It’s not your average book logging app; it takes reading tracking to a new level with personalized recommendations based on moods, pace, and themes. Not only can you track books read, but you’ll also find detailed statistics and insights into your reading habits. If you’re keen on setting and meeting reading goals, The StoryGraph’s reading goal app functionality will likely appeal to you. This alternative to Goodreads caters to readers who want to be more strategic about their reading habits while enjoying a clean, easy-to-navigate interface.

Features to Consider in a Goodreads Alternative

User Interface and Design

When considering a book tracking app, the user interface and design are crucial. You need an app to track books read that is intuitive and visually appealing, enhancing your overall experience. The best book tracking app will offer a clean and user-friendly layout, making navigation and management of your book lists effortless. Design elements, such as text legibility and color scheme, should help make reading easy and not strain your eyes, especially during long periods of use.

Community Interaction and Recommendations

Community interaction is a pivotal feature of a good reading tracker app. Apps like Goodreads thrive on their community, so alternatives to Goodreads should provide similar platforms for discussion and engagement. Look for a book reading tracker that allows you to follow fellow readers, join book clubs, and participate in discussions. Recommendations should be personalized and based on community reviews, ensuring that you discover books aligned with your interests.

Book Catalog and Organization Tools

A robust book catalog and organization tools are vital in any book tracker app. The tool should allow you to categorize your books efficiently, whether you prefer to keep a simple TBR list or organize books by genre, author, or reading status. Organization features help manage your reading habits and make the book tracking process more structured and less overwhelming.

Reading Timeline and Progress Tracking

Being able to track your reading progress over time is a feature that sets the best reading tracker app apart. Apps to track books read should offer detailed reading timelines and statistics, allowing you to set and monitor reading goals. Some reading tracker apps also include reading goal app functionality, motivating you to read more consistently.

Importing and Exporting Book Data

Flexibility in managing your book data is essential. The best book tracker app will offer options to import and export your reading list. This means you can transfer your book history from Goodreads or other platforms seamlessly. An app for tracking books read should make it simple to back up or share your data, ensuring your reading tracker is both portable and secure.


Exploring Goodreads alternatives can enhance your reading experience with features tailored to your preferences. Remember to look for a platform that resonates with your reading habits—from a sleek user interface to a vibrant community. Whether you prioritize comprehensive book organization or in-depth progress tracking, there’s an app out there that’s the perfect companion for your literary journey. Jump into a new book tracking app, and you might find a world of recommendations and readers just like you waiting to be discovered. Happy reading!

Frequently Asked Questions

What app do people use to track books?

Most people use Goodreads to track their books. This widely-used platform allows users to track reading progress and find reviews on the latest releases.

What is the best alternative to Goodreads?

LibraryThing is a strong alternative to Goodreads. It allows users to log books, music, and movies and functions best on the web, with basic mobile apps available.

Is StoryGraph better than Goodreads?

StoryGraph offers a more personalized experience and a cleaner interface, especially if you’re looking to track book series. Goodreads has a broader book selection and more reviews, making it better for those features.

What is the best app to track books you’ve read?

Basmo is considered the best app for tracking books you’ve read. It’s aimed at building a reading habit and is available for both Android and iOS users, with progress tracking and reading habit analytics.

What is the best book tracking site?

Goodreads is the leading site for book tracking. As a free community owned by Amazon, it has an extensive library and social features allowing interaction between users.

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