Speechify Alternatives: Best Picks & Why Switch?

Exploring speechify alternatives can be a game-changer for your organization’s text-to-speech needs. With the TTS market booming, valued at $2.58 billion in 2022 and expected to soar to $6.38 billion by 2029, it’s crucial to find the right tool that fits your budget and feature requirements. Speechify, while popular, isn’t the only player in this field.

You might be wondering why you’d look beyond Speechify. Cost can be a factor, with hidden pricing post-trial, and limited voice options might leave you wanting more. We’ll jump into these reasons and unpack why seeking alternatives could benefit you.

Stay tuned as we reveal the best alternatives to Speechify, ensuring you’re equipped with all the information to enhance your reading experience without any surprises.

What is Speechify?

How Does Speechify Work?

You might wonder how Speechify transforms text into spoken words. Speechify uses advanced text-to-speech (TTS) technology. You can upload text files or type out content directly into the app, and Speechify converts the text into audio. It’s a seamless process that aims to create a natural listening experience for its users, matching the convenience of audiobooks.

Features of Speechify

When you’re looking for a Speechify free alternative or even just considering different apps like Speechify, it’s critical to be aware of the features offered by the original app. Here’s what you’ll find with Speechify:

  • Instant Sound Conversion: Speechify reads your text aloud instantly with minimal setup.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The platform boasts an intuitive design that’s easy to navigate, ensuring users spend less time learning how to use the app and more time listening.
  • Format Support: Whether it’s MP3 or WAV, Speechify handles multiple audio formats.
  • Natural Voices: Speechify offers a range of voices that sound natural and can pronounce words correctly.

Knowing the features of Speechify helps you discern which alternatives to Speechify or free Text-to-Speech software with natural voices might best meet your needs. For instance, if an app like Speechify doesn’t offer the same level of voice clarity, it may not be the perfect fit.

As you continue to explore the best text-to-speech free online options or free text-to-speech apps, keep these hallmark Speechify features in mind. Whether it’s a free alternative to Speechify or paid services, the goal is to find an app that brings you the ease and convenience of accessing spoken content anytime, similar to the experience audiobooks offer.

Why look for Speechify alternatives?

Expensive Subscription Plans

One reason to search for alternatives to Speechify is the cost of its subscription plans. While Speechify promotes its offerings, they come with a price tag of $139/year. This might be a turn-off if you’re budget-conscious or looking for a free version of Speechify. Some users have experienced unexpected charges, claiming that funds were withdrawn from their accounts as soon as they started their free trial. If the subscription model does not align with your occasional use, or if you prefer free apps like Speechify, it’s worth exploring competitors that offer similar services without the hefty fee.

Limited Language Options

Apps like Speechify support text-to-speech conversion in a variety of languages. But, outside of English-speaking regions, your choices may feel limited. With only 30 languages and a max of 2 voices per additional language, Speechify might not always meet your multicultural or multilingual needs. On the flip side, some Speechify competitors boast support for over 60 languages with more diverse accents, highlighting the necessity to check out alternatives to Speechify for a more inclusive experience.

Accessibility Limitations

Consider Speechify’s dependability on an internet connection, which becomes a hurdle if you’re offline. Also, the free trial offer may include limited features, and it’s imperative to understand what’s fully accessible. Speechify requires a subscription for its complete functionalities, a crucial point if you need robust access without constantly reaching for your wallet. Apps similar to Speechify but free might offer better accessibility options with no strings attached. These free alternatives to Speechify could be more user-friendly for those who aren’t looking to invest in a premium model but still want the convenience of turning text into speech.

Best Alternatives to Speechify

Looking for free alternatives to Speechify with natural voices? NaturalReader might be your answer. Unlike Speechify, NaturalReader is a free Speechify alternative that covers the essentials for text-to-speech needs. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • It offers clarity and variety in voice options, ensuring your listening experience is both engaging and understandable.
  • It’s accessible as a web-based tool or desktop app, catering to your preferences whether you’re on the go or working from your computer.
  • As a free app like Speechify, but with added benefits, you can customize voice speed and style, tailoring the audio to suit your listening habits.

NaturalReader serves not just as a free version of Speechify but as a robust tool that simplifies information consumption across different languages and accents.

Voice Dream Reader

Voice Dream Reader emerges as a robust alternative to Speechify, highlighting its unique advantages. This app not only caters to iOS and Android users but also emphasizes personalization:

  • Its visually appealing interface allows you to customize synchronization between text and audio.
  • The app provides a variety of voices and is perfect for audiobook enthusiasts who prioritize aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Understand that while Voice Dream Reader doesn’t offer a free web browser extension like Speechify, it still maintains a stronghold in the market of text-to-speech apps.

The app stands out among free text-to-speech software with natural voices, catering to a demanding audience in search of quality and usability.

Capti Voice

Capti Voice is a standout among apps similar to Speechify that offers a distinct approach to text-to-speech technology. Consider these features:

  • It champions educational empowerment by providing versatile learning tools for students and educators.
  • Whether it’s offline content, web pages, or documents, Capti Voice allows an effortless conversion to audio, aiding in better information retention and accessibility.
  • It supports a wide range of document types, making it an all-in-one free text-to-speech app.

This free Speechify alternative is designed to cater to various needs, from academic assistance to seamless content consumption for avid audiobook listeners.


Exploring alternatives to Speechify can open up a world of possibilities for your text-to-speech needs. Whether you’re after cost-effectiveness, broader language options, or enhanced accessibility, options like NaturalReader, Voice Dream Reader, and Capti Voice are worth considering. Each brings its unique strengths to the table, ensuring you find the perfect match for your requirements. Jump into these alternatives and experience seamless, natural-sounding audio that complements your daily routine without being very costly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Speechify convert text into audio?

Speechify converts text into spoken words by using advanced text-to-speech technology. Input your text, choose a voice and language, and then listen or download the audio in MP3 format.

What key features does Speechify offer?

Speechify offers instant sound conversion, a user-friendly interface, wide format support, and numerous natural-sounding voices.

Can I find a free alternative to Speechify?

Yes, free alternatives like NaturalReader, Voice Dream Reader, and Capti Voice offer similar text-to-speech services without the cost.

Is there a TTS app that doesn’t require a subscription?

Yes, some text-to-speech apps, like NaturalReader and Capti Voice, offer free versions that don’t require a subscription.

Are there text-to-speech apps with more natural voices than Speechify?

While Speechify offers natural voices, alternatives like Fliki boast over 1900 voices with a focus on natural sound quality.

What are the limitations of using free TTS software?

Free TTS software often has limitations such as fewer voice options, limited language support, and restrained access to premium features like audio downloads.

How much does SPEECHIFY PREMIUM cost?

SPEECHIFY PREMIUM costs $159 per year, offering a more advanced listening experience compared to the free Speechify Limited option.

What are common complaints about Speechify?

Common complaints include the high cost for some users, limited features in the free version, and the occasional need for fine-tuning to achieve realistic voice quality.

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